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It’s taken us a while to get rid of the bleary eyes and the food coma left over from the festive season.

But here we are, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the first of our weekly GaydarGirls (GG) updates.
This is where we’ll update you on what’s happening at Gaydar HQ, the blog and bits and bobs from around the globe.

Let’s get started…

If your 2013 new year’s resolution was on finding a partner, you were in luck.
Effi Mai took us through her how to pull (and how not to) series. Apart from providing us with lots of ‘LOL’s‘ we were also a little curious as to whether these are things she’s experienced herself.

So we asked.

She says…

“From experience? … Ish.”

We shall probe no further…

Coming up on the blog we’ll be talking about coming out, exes and serious topics like sexuality and eating disorders.

Stay tuned.

Back at Gaydar HQ we’ve been bombarded with your favourite question:

“When are you making an app?”

We answer that question for you here, here and here.

And here’s one more for good measure:

We’re busy working on the next stages of GG – but quality takes time, so bear with us as we get the wheels in motion.

In between working on the new GG – Artwork Alex is pepping himself for a marathon but first he’s paying South Africa a sneaky visit. Pocket-Rocket-Duran keeps talking about the sunshine she over-indulged in while in Madrid.

Just another week at Gaydar HQ…



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