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The holiday season is nothing but a distant blur as we fire on all cylinders here at Gaydar HQ.

On the blog, you loved the anonymous post on stalking your ex.
Valid advice and something we’re all guilty of.

Effi Mai prepared us for first dates and Laura Muldoon got back on the wagon after a dodgy stand-up comedy experience.
After her last venture, we have no doubt she’ll get back on that horse and you can go see her live in the flesh soon.

Esther ‘Pocket-Rocket’ Duran is back from Madrid and working furiously.
One to usually terrorise through the corridors of Gaydar HQ, she’s working on a revamp of GaydarGirls, making an impact at Sydney’s Mardi Gras in February and interviewing up and coming musician, Faye Patton.

This week has been special for Mariella ‘Social’ Mejia as she interviews one of her (many) online-crushes, Gaby Dunn. Gaby is a writer, comedian, journalist and columnist for the New York Times Magazine and woke up early to speak to an over-excited Mariella.

We’re not joking about her being over-excited…
Mariella’s admired Gaby Dunn’s writing for months now and declared to the Gaydar HQ office that she was moving to NYC to marry Gaby after reading one of her articles.The two talk about having balls (not literally) and why bisexuality is still frowned upon in this day and age. Stay tuned to see if Mariella proposes.

While we wait to see if nuptials are in the near future, here’s the really exciting news for GaydarGirls.



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