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As we all know, the much anticipated Call of Duty: Ghosts was released on 5 November (PS3, Xbox360 and PC).

So far, Infinity Ward have released some interesting footage of the campaign mode and multiplayer modes and with some (so far) pleasing results. Naturally, the game is reminiscent of Modern Warfare 3, which may explain the sudden surge in online players on MW3 in the past week or so.

However, one thing that has almost stopped me from buying it is the lack of Zombies mode.

Zombies mode on Black Ops 2 has been, in my opinion, one of the best zombie-type games I’ve played even though it is a secondary mode to the game. The DLC packs for zombies were original, fascinating and interesting with the Mob of the Dead map pack being one of my favourites.

I mean, escaping from Alcatraz with a zombie twist?
Uh, yes please!

But for Ghosts, they have used Treyarch’s zombie idea and spun it around into a mode against aliens.
Yes… aliens.

The game mode, named Extinction, is the co-op mode that will see players fight against aliens instead of zombies with hints that the maps will be similar to Tranzit where players will need to keep progressing through the map and levelling up instead of sitting in one area like Nuketown.

After reviewing the Extinction reveal a couple of times, it also looks like scorestreaks MAY play a part in this mode, which is something we could never take advantage of in Zombies.

There is a Dragonfire type drone, stealth chopper and possibly a lightning strike all seen in the video, which certainly may sweeten the deal of this mode.

Hopefully Infinity Ward can set Extinction apart from Zombies and make it.
I don’t want to see this become a mode that could basically have been a map full of zombies, they just changed the characters to aliens.

Something needs to set this apart from Treyarchs’ version.
Time will tell if this will be a success… or not…

But for now, give it a go.

Val, who is also known as HoldenGrl, is an Aussie, gay, gamer!
She loves all kinds of gaming from PS3 and Xbox to PC but she’s also fond of re-creating memories on her Super Nintendo.



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