Call of Duty: Ghosts Review


The very much anticipated Call of Duty: Ghosts was released and I was there at my local store picking it up at midnight!

To be honest, I jumped straight into Squad before hitting up Multiplayer and, to be honest, I’ve had to keep an open mind.

The multiplayer mode is not like Black Ops 2…

This isn’t a rushing game, by far.

If you rush, you’re going to have a bad time.

On the games I played, I was confronted by so many campers, I got incredibly annoyed.

There are so many tiny rooms and corners for people to hide in, if you rush, you’re only going to get shot in the back.


The best way to play these new maps, is to play defensively.

Watch all areas before moving and look out for tiny corners for people to be sitting and hard-scoping. This is a bit of a let down for me, as I generally like to run around in beast mode!

The maps though are quite good.
A lot of attention went in to the minor details on all the maps and I do applaud the hard work that clearly went into the design.

I do hate the many “camp” spots, but as I said, this isn’t a rushing game.
I also wish there were more styles of map.

Of course, this is a shooter game and is set in a war zone, we’re not going to get pretty gardens and shopping malls to play in.
But a lot of these maps are reminiscent of the spewing mess that is Aftermath from BO2.

Where are the maps like Grind, Plaza, Hijacked or even MW3’s Terminal?

These are all great maps and I hope some of the DLC packs that come out will include maps like these.

Campaign mode is quite good.
It is what you expect from a Call of Duty franchise story mode.

It starts off with a bang, with lots of action packed scenes, but then slowly dies down to a general “complete missions” kind of game.

Interesting and intriguing, but I kind of had higher hopes for it considering the story was co-written by Stephen Gaghan, the Academy Award winning writer of Traffic.
But then again, everything that you see and do in a FPS these days has been done.

How are these guys going to make something new out of these games?

That, I can’t answer.

As expected, Extinction mode was a big thumbs down for me.
To me, it was boring and repetitive.

Although it was challenging at times, I found that the way the aliens moved, made me spin around in circles aimlessly trying to figure out where on Earth they’d gone to!
Next minute, they’re behind me, eating my backside.

It was plain and made me go and play zombies on Black Ops 2 again.
Nothing compares to it.
Some would disagree and say that zombies has “been done” and it’s over with now, but in my opinion, Extinction is a huge miss for me.

Would I recommend it?

I think you should try and rent it first or borrow it from a friend before you purchase it. However, if you’re a huge MW3 fan, I think you’ll enjoy this very much.

Rating – 6/10.

Infinity Ward gained big marks for attention to detail and quality, but unfortunately they lost marks for their work on Extinction mode.

Val, who is also known as HoldenGrl, is an Aussie, gay, gamer!
She loves all kinds of gaming from PS3 and Xbox to PC but she’s also fond of re-creating memories on her Super Nintendo.



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