Femme Fierce: International Women’s Day Graffiti Event


Team GaydarGirls went to “Femme Fierce: International Women’s Day Graffiti Event “where over 100 female street artists, graffiti writers and painters took over the Leake Street Tunnel next to Waterloo station in London.
As there was such great talent on display, it was pretty difficult to choose just one piece of work as our favourite. We approached one artist who got her artistic inspiration from her mother who was actually by her side on the day. So we took 10 minutes of her time to ask her a few questions about her work.

Name: Stephanie aka Thieu.
Age: 27.
Profession: Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Muralist, Dreamer.

How long have you been doing graffiti/murals for? 
I have painted professionally since February 2014.

Is it difficult/challenging to be a woman in such a male dominated field?
I actually started painting stencils on walls in 2012, but I was too shy to paint in public spaces. We have a bad image of graffiti and street artists, but actually almost every painter I’ve met has been really friendly.
Thanks to Femme Fierce last year (March 2014), I met about 100 female street artists in 1 day, and that gave me more confidence to go on the streets and paint.

It’s like an anthill. Once you meet one artist, you are introduced to a whole community of passionate creative people. We all have different lives and backgrounds, but we still feel like a family. I think that in a big city like London where people are lonely, we need things like this. Plus, it gets very addictive! So no, I don’t find it challenging anymore.

What advice would you give to young woman aspiring to be muralist/graffiti/street artists?
You are the hero of your own story 🙂 (one of my walls)

You should think of your passion and what you want to share with people. It can be hard to paint in public, but once you’ve done it, you feel proud of yourself. You’ve actually got over your fears to achieve something beautiful for yourself and for others to enjoy. If you’re shy, don’t hesitate to talk to people that you see painting on the streets. They will give you good advice. Don’t worry, they don’t bite! Of course you need to be careful of the area where you are painting and follow the graffiti rules.

If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?
I would stop the planet being destroyed and feed the world.

What inspires you?
People, the world, music, nature, ethnicities.

What makes you smile?
Too many things, I love to smile! Take a look at some of my art here.

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @thieu_design

Photography by Seluworld @ SiestaProductions.




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