We can’t wait for Freeheld

We are so excited for the film Freeheld which will be released worldwide on October 16th. It stars Julianne Moore and Ellen Page and follows the story of a police officer Laurel Hester (Moore) and her domestic partner Stacie (Page) in their fight to ensure that Laurel’s pension will go to Stacie after Laurel is diagnosed with terminal cancer. From the trailers we can see this movie is going to be as powerful as it is heartbreaking and we have our pre-booked tickets and popcorn at the ready.

A new clip showing part of Laurel’s appeal to the judges has been released on the eve of the film’s release and we feel like it’s going to be a ‘have your tissues on supply’ event. This is also Ellen Pages’ first role as a gay woman since coming out herself back in 2014 and we can see this film means a lot to her, making her performance not one to miss. See the new clip below:



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