Review: The Danish Girl

Eddie Redmayne is astounding as 20th-century transgender icon Lili Elbe. Directed by Tom Hooper – who brought us The King’s Speech and Les Miserables – the film is an adaptation of The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff. It follows the love story between artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener as their relationship evolves alongside Lili’s groundbreaking journey to discover real self.

“I hope others are as inspired by Lili’s story as I was and continue to be,” Redmayne said in an interview with The Advocate, “At a time in which there were no predecessors that she knew of, she still had the absolute knowledge in herself of who she was and what she needed to do to liberate herself. The fact that she valued life and authenticity enough to give her everything and anything, I think that is extraordinary.”

In a world where 41 percent of trans people consider suicide, abuse of trans people is commonplace and transitioning itself is still illegal in many countries, it’s great to see a movie with a trans subject at its core heighten awareness by being fed into the mainstream.



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