Go see The Danish Girl

Well GaydarGirls got around to seeing The Danish Girl and decided that it’s certainly Oscar worthy. The beautiful sweeping landscape shots act as a Danish postcard. It’s cinematography is on par with Carol’s and the two main actors – Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander – deliver heart-wrenching performances that earn them every ounce of respect and love the award ceremonies will throw at them.

The film managed to show the struggles, pain and also the liberation a transgender person must go through when realising who they really are. It’s sometimes hard to see how such a young, innocent-looking young man could capture the powerful emotions Ina and Lili went through, but after this performance we think Redmayne has sealed his reputation as one of the best British actors on the circuit. Alicia Vikander’s performance as Ina’s wife Gerda was equally as compelling to watch and the two together deliver one of the most powerful love stories to have graced the screens in a long time.

We are happy to see that a great LGBT movie is in line to win plenty of awards this year, even if Carol did get snubbed. The most uplifting thing about this powerful story is the one thing I have heard many people say after saying it, “Wow, I finally understand some of what transgender people must go through.”



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