Our Rundown Of The 69th BAFTAS

The 2016 BAFTAS ceremony was as weird and entertaining as ever. Spoilers ahead…

Eddie Izzard and Rebel Wilson made out. Like, full on made out. Bryan Cranston awkwardly kissed Julianne Moore’s shoulder before going in for a proper kiss and Maggie Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio had a little conversation after their kissing, thus becoming the new buzz couple.


Domnhall Gleeson and Carrie Fisher were each other’s dates and the camera didn’t show them once, not even when someone made a joke about Domnhall’s name. They had Carrie Fisher in their sights and they didn’t even show her. It’s even worse when you realise that they were allegedly hilarious together backstage. Come on BAFTAS, know your opportunities.


Sacha Baron Cohen made us collectively gasp when he opened the winners envelope and made us think he would announce the winner before he even announced the nominees. It’s a process Sacha; speak, look at the monitor, open the letter. He also joked about the lack of diversity in the film industry and people laughed but probably didn’t know if they should have or not.

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Cate Blanchett looked beautiful and her dress, which was actually fairly understated compared to some of her past red carpet choices, but she didn’t crack many jokes during her presentation of one of the awards. We know you are hilarious Cate, let the funny shine through.


Carol and the Danish Girl didn’t win anything, again, much to our disappointment.


People started freaking out over Stephen Fry making a joke about the winning costume designer looking like a bag lady, cementing the idea that people nowadays have trouble grasping the concept of a joke.


Angela Basett oozed sex appeal. From her seductive voice, to her filling out that dress in ALL the right places. John Boyega obsessed over her afterwards, and was basically all of us in the process. Did we mention the woman is 57?!


Rebel Wilson joked about wanting Idris Elba for Valentine’s day and ‘consoling’ the 4 losers in the supporting actor category and basically made us want to have that level of confidence when it comes to flirting.


Leonardo DiCaprio looked beautiful and unfazed the entire night. Every picture of him could hapily be accompanied by the caption “Yeah cool I guess, whatevs.”


Cuba Gooding Jr presented a rose to Stephen Fry but sadly decided against recreating his kiss with him the last time they shared a stage together. Still, he gave him a rose, awww factor X 100




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