So, Deadpool Was Awesome


So the superhero movie thousands said could never be made into a film due to its explicit nature has been made. After it was announced Deadpool would be made into a film (well franchise, because let’s face it, this is Disney we are talking about) people were still skeptical about the ‘merc with the mouth’ being brought to the big screen.

There was a lot that could have gone wrong; Deadpool himself might not have been endearing enough as an antihero, the one-liners could have fallen flat and it might have been made too tame due to it being a Disney production. Happily we can report that Marvel actually did pretty damn well at bringing Deadpool to life.

Ryan Reynolds will make you believe he was either born to play the role of Deadpool or actually just IS Deadpool within the first twenty minutes. It’s refreshing to see somebody embody a character so well and love every single second of it. The one liners are hysterical, and when you realise that this is technically an origins movie, you realise it’s doing an amazing job at keeping the audience entertained for every.

The film had a limited budget in comparison to other superhero movies. And to its credit, Disney didn’t tame down Deadpool’s harsh language, bad-taste humour, innuendos and violence. The film left us excited for what the future holds for Deadpool. It has already been confirmed that Deadpool 2 is happening. What we really want to know is whether or not it would be even possible to get him to cameo in other superhero films without the ratings changing. Deadpool is a big deal to the LGBT community, as the die hard fans know he is indeed, pansexual. For those who don’t know that means, it’s someone who feels attraction to people regardless of their gender or sexuality. We hope this fact will be made more apparent in future Deadpool projects.



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