Review: Freeheld


At last, we finally got around to watching Ellen Page in her first role as a gay woman since coming out herself. We have to say, we weren’t disappointed in the film itself, just the fact that it wasn’t released in cinemas for long before it was released straight to DVD, proving – sadly – that Hollywood didn’t think it was going to do too well at the box office.

Ellen Page plays the awkward yet lovable Stacie, the lover of closeted detective Laurel Hester (Julianne Moore.) Despite the two being wary of one another in a time where a lot of the LGBT community decided to stay in the closet, the two actresses’ chemistry convinces you of genuine love. You are going to need those tissues at the ready though because it’s a sad story, true to the real story it’s based on.

The film highlights how attitudes towards Laurel change when people find out about her and Stacie’s relationship, as well as the injustice of the legal system when it came to gay rights at the time, even to a gay woman who gave so much to the legal system for half of her entire life. The legal battle for Stacie being given the right to have Laurel’s pension benefits once Laurel passes away from cancer is a long one and often difficult to watch after seeing so many setbacks and examples of homophobia in America. Both actresses deliver amazing performances and Julianne Moore as usual wows with her talents, bringing us to tears just as she did in “Still Alice”.



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