The Uk’s Biggest Drag King Competition


Meet Calvin Decline, winner of MAN UP drag king competition, the world’s biggest drag king contest outside San Francisco.

MAN UP took place last week at London east end gay boozer The Glory and was hosted by performance artist Jonny Woo and drag king Adam All. It saw over 100 women and non-binary entrants perform under the guise of various male alter egos. Celebrity DJ Princess Julia said “There are so many different angles to take on ‘man kind’ and MAN UP shows what an exciting genre the drag kingdom is. It goes places where drag queens don’t often go and offers a cutting commentary on patriarchy”

If you’re sad to have missed the event fear not because many of the contest’s finalists will give victory performances at The Glory’s girls-led Pride party on Saturday June 25th. Some of the finalists will also appear at the National Theatre’s Riverside stage on July 29th as part of The Glory’s weekend takeover. 

So whether you can make it to see the contestants in the flesh or not feel proud that drag kings are making their mark on the UK. Onwards and upwards!



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