The First ever ‘UK Pride’ is happening this year!


Happy New Year everyone! We hope you all had an amazing holiday and awesome New Year.

Now that 2017 is officially here, we all know what that means don’t we?! The countdown to the many Pride Events that happen all over the world has officially begun!

And this year, there’s a new one coming to town. The UK’s first ever national LGBT+ pride event is going to be held in Hull (City of UK Culture 2017) on 22nd July.

Like many Pride events that take place across the UK, UK Pride will be a week-long festival celebrating the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. This very first UK Pride will take place in the year that marks 50 years since homosexuality was officially decriminalized. It will certainly be an event to remember for everyone as it aims to bring together various elements from the 90+ other Pride events that take place around the UK.

Keep an eye on our blog for further updates and Prides and other LGBTI events happening around the world this year.



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