Love Bytes – The Series

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We need more queer cinema, particularly women.
Love Bytes is a LGBT comedy web-series about three young housemates and their dating misadventures in the modern hetero-flexible world of Sydney. And they need our help to finish off Season One…

You Tell Us…

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So we can better create content that you enjoy reading, we’d love your opinion on what you’d like to see more of on the GaydarGirls blog.

Go crazy!

And if you use, there’s a 30 day upgrade for you, on us.


What topics would you like to see more of on the GaydarGirls blog?

Advice Columns
Bar and restaurant reviews
Travel information
Sex Talk
Health and Fitness
Dating Tips & How To’s
Reviews – movies, games
Life Stories
LGB wedding guide
Opinion pieces

Other (a topic that’s not listed):

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Don’t be THAT Girl…

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You may not be aware that we have a customer service team that work 7 days a week, they speak 7 languages fluently between them, have enviable lunches (all very healthy) and they can solve just about anything… except complicated IKEA furniture.

One of the things they deal with the most is the unfortunate behaviour of some girls on the site.
We get emails of all sorts of situations and we hear your complaints about the sharing of unsolicited x-rated images, fake profiles, abusive behaviour and the list goes on.

One of our GaydarGirls received such a message and she light-heartedly made this artwork, which gave us a right chuckle.

And while we love someone with a bit of humour, this is actually really serious.

Because here at GaydarGirls we’re adamant at making sure that GaydarGirls (and all our channels) are a safe and inclusive … Read More »

We need your help, we need your opinions

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At GaydarGirls we get asked for “when we’re updating” more often than we get asked out for dinner dates.

And it’s a valid question; and we hear you.

But we don’t want to build just any lesbian online community, we want to build something that you will use, you will value, you will feel proud of.

So we need your help.

Electra – The Finest Female Role in Greek Tragedy

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Thinking of cultural dates on which to woo your woman?
Look no further, because GaydarGirls have your theatrical needs covered.
GG contributor Ami will be taking on “the finest female role in Greek Tragedy” as Electra at the Barons Court Theatre from the 23-27 July.
Here’s your chance to win 2 tickets!

Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer

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We’re giving you the chance to win double ticket sets for the screening of Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer at Hackney Picture House.
All you have to do is answer the following question in the comments…

Things we’re loving this week at GaydarGirls…

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We love seeing content doing the rounds for the female LGBTQIA community.
Here’s a few things we’re loving this week at GaydarGirls HQ…

Help us build a better GaydarGirls…

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We want to build a better GaydarGirls but we can only do it with your help.

But we want it to suit and fit you…
So please please please take the time to fill in this survey with your thoughts, opinions and suggestions.
Even better, spread the link to your friends and help us get this ball rolling faster.
From all of us, thanks for your input.

GG Likes – A Free Hunter Valentine Song Download!

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Hunter Valentine’s latest album “Collide and Conquer” is set for release in the UK shortly.
But who wants to wait for shortly? Here’s a teaser…

Media Opportunity: Lesbian Case Study

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A high profiled UK newspaper is looking for a case study of women who have left their husbands and started a relationship with a woman.
Is that you?
The selected case studies will be required to have a phone interview with the journalist as well as submitting a photograph.
If you’d like to share your story email us at