Wedding Planning Tips

    I’ve been lucky enough to plan some amazing same sex weddings and I can honestly say (this is directed at those who deem them ‘not real weddings’) that they are very real.

    After all, a wedding is about two people who are committing to love each other forever, against all odds and even alongside the old myth looming around their heads which shall not be named (read: lesbian bed death). It’s time to keep on demonstrating our love for each other until society catches up, and ‎who wants to wait around for that to happen anyway…?


    LGB+ Wedding Guide

    Every time we hear of passing legislation that allows same sex couples to get married, or at least taking the steps to – it fills our hearts with joy.

    So, it’s time to bring you the best wedding advice available from the experts…


    Our Road To Marriage…

    It’s not always the conventional way of getting with someone that has the best story; in fact it could be the worst place and time that can have the greatest effects and believe me this isn’t one of those ‘Once upon a time’ moments…


    Daring To Dream; What Equal Marriage Really Means!

    Gay Rights and the LGBT Community have come a long way over the last decade.

    First, attitudes began to change around the late 1990’s and early noughties, and we began to feel like society was finally growing that other brain cell which assured that we were also human too…


    Engagement Etiquette With Rony Tennanbaum

    As more states gear up for and pass legislation that allows same sex couples to legally get married, the Wedding and Engagement jewellery etiquettes are being rewritten.

    Roles that used to be “the norm” (man meets woman, man buys diamond ring, woman is proposed to, woman wears diamond till wedding), are now being re-looked at as traditions evolve.

    With the addition of “girl meets girl” and “boy meets boy”, new questions about each one’s roles and how this affects their jewellery selections are arising.

    Here are some questions I have been faced with in recent years…