Love? Or Love’s Horny Little Cousin?

    Being a Life Coach I have the pleasure and privilege of assisting clients with their biggest fears and also biggest goals, one of those is regularly the question of how to master relationships and love.

    However, I can say wholeheartedly that there is one topic of confusion I encounter regularly when my clients are questioning love, and it isn’t love at all, it’s love’s horny little cousin, lust


    Wedding Planning Tips

    I’ve been lucky enough to plan some amazing same sex weddings and I can honestly say (this is directed at those who deem them ‘not real weddings’) that they are very real.

    After all, a wedding is about two people who are committing to love each other forever, against all odds and even alongside the old myth looming around their heads which shall not be named (read: lesbian bed death). It’s time to keep on demonstrating our love for each other until society catches up, and ‎who wants to wait around for that to happen anyway…?