Faye Patton in 25 Questions

I met Faye Patton in Soho before her performance.
She arrived, full of energy and charm, dressing in leather and with a beautiful smile.

Faye is a down to earth woman – confident, talented and easy going.
We finished our interview in 30 minutes then we went to Soho Theatre and only there, when she started playing the piano is when I really saw her super powers.

Faye has a music pedigree, she grew up between instruments and scores. She sings and plays with pure passion and we could feel that with every single note, every vocal, and every tune.

  1. Name:
    Faye Patton
  2. Age:
    Extremely, freakishly young looking 40 believe it or not.
  3. Star Sign:
    It’s complicated. My ruling sign is Libra and my rising sign is Leo, which explains why my performance skill is strong. Then I have Mercury in Scorpio that gives me the anti-social bullshit detector and, which is very handy.
    I then have Moon in Aries which is the blundering into many things with lots of energy (in good ways and bad ways) and then I have Cancer in South-Node which is the part of me who likes to make food for people, create a lovely atmosphere, etc. Capricorn in North Node, which is about sticking at it for years.
    I never give up. If I had to choose one I would say Leo…it gives me the part of being on stage, warm and musical.
  4. Your inner animal:
    A bird of prey as I grow up with them in the countryside, and a spider as it has a kind of shamanic relevance to it. The spider is about creativity and connecting, devouring and attacking, waiting and spinning something out of their own bodies.
  5. Choose a colour:
    Blue, it has to be blue. The colour of the voice, the chakra, sky…spiritual and healing colour.
  6. Moonbathing or Sunbathing:
    SUNBATHING! Big solar energy.
  7. Silk or Cotton:
    Boringly, cotton.
  8. Saturday Dinner or Sunday Brunch:
    Saturday dinner.
  9. Beach or Mountain:
    Mountain definitely!
  10. Wine or Beer:
  11. Where would you like to be right now:
  12. Favourite book:
    Salman Rushdie ‘Haroun and the Sea of Stories’. It’s about how story telling is an art, an art that we all have.
  13. Favourite Movie:
    Seven Swords by Tsui Hark. I have watched it 20 times and every time I watch it I see something different. I love the female characters…I love their strength and the contrast between them.
  14. If you were an actress, who would you be:
    Any of the women from Battlestar Galactica.
  15. And an actor:
    Johnny Deep before he went a bit off.
    Or Omar from the Wire.
  16. KD Lang or Joan Armatrading:
    Joan Armatrading, but only just!
  17. Nina Simone or Billie Holiday:
    Nina Simone.
  18. Miles Davis or Charlie Mingus:
    Miles Davis.
  19. Where do you get your inspiration from when you write your songs:
    Love, love and love.
  20. When did you come out?
    I was never really in.
  21. Is it difficult to be openly gay in the jazz scene?
    No really. If anything, it is a point of interest for people. It’s not an advantage but a strength.
  22. Any thoughts about Jodie Foster coming out?
    I think we all knew what was going on anyway. I think coming out, whoever you are is a good thing. I wish she would have said it earlier but I appreciate that she has done it.
  23. Any advice to people who want to come out and don’t know how?
    At the end of the day it is worth it. No matter who you are. But I’ve got lots of friends who are not from a culture that makes it easy to come out, so some cannot come out as their lives would be in danger. Women cannot just come out if their lives are in danger…
  24. Describe in three words:
    time – future – victory
    PRESENT: now – now – now
    FUTURE: glory – evolution – success
  25. What defines happiness for you: 
    Freedom, a sense of personal freedom.
    Freedom of movement, freedom of expression. A fighting spirit, a sense of honour and being able to express that. Never compromise.

Faye Patton will be playing free gigs at Soho Theatre (21 Dean St, London, W1D 3NE) on:

  • Fri& Sat: 26th & 27th April
  • Fri & Sat: 10th & 11th May

Go and check her out, she is more than worth it!
And, just for you, GaydarGirls readers, here is the link to download her latest track…Faye’s gift for YOU.



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