DJ Dulcie Danger

You would have seen our Brighton Pride take over on the blog home page and if you haven’t, what on earth are you waiting for?

And because we’re so excited to be a part of it, we rounded up a series of the girls providing the tunes.

Meet Dulcie Danger, who probably has the coolest name around.

Dulcie Danger, apart from having the coolest name around, you’re the mastermind behind Gay Girls weekend happening in Brighton this August. One of the biggest lesbian events in the UK – how did you come up with the concept/event?

Ha ha, I have been involved in lesbian events for many years and the guys and the bears always have special weekends and I just didn’t see anything happening anywhere in the UK like this for us girls. With Brighton Pride happening it seemed like perfect sense, I have plans for some amazing weekenders in other parts of the UK too!

What can we expect from the Gay Girls weekend? Apart from what it says on the packet…

Well because I am a true Brightonian and have been on the scene for many years I am lucky enough to know the club owners of some fantastic venues so the choice of venues to go to is brilliant. They all have something going for them whether it be a huge terrace on the centre of the gay strip, where you can see or be seen, or a gorgeous garden party. Each event will be unique and special and if you are visiting for the weekend you will be very much spoilt with these Brighton hotspots.

I grew up only being able to promote at venues that were quite grotty so this really is a special weekend, especially for gay women. Part of the weekend takes place at Concorde2 and this party is now in its 3rd year and is always jam packed with over 800 friendly ladies.

Plus many put their prices up for the weekend – with my parties you can enjoy 4 events for £9.50 if you book now.

In our stalking research, we see you’ve done some amazing gigs. Have you had a particular favourite?

(Don’t say no, we all know that everyone has a favourite…)

Playing the Wild fruit tent at Pride is the ultimate gig, this year I will be closing the park from 7pm-8pm. I’ve worked my way up from many years ago playing the first slot to this (Norman/Fatboy Slim did it last year so it’s quite an honour).

Being up on stage, you must see some crazy/wonderful things. Go on, share the juicy stuff… what’s the strangest thing you’ve seen party revellers do?

Ha ha actually the craziest thing I’ve ever seen was to do with an other DJ, I was at As One Festival and Skin was playing and she invited everyone from the crowd up on the stage…it was a bit hairy to say the least!

You must have some envious DJ equipment… share your layman’s tips with us, what headphones should we be walking around London with?

I started DJ-ing when I used to have to carry around bags of records, now 100s of tracks are stored on a USB stick and I just plug them in to the decks you can imagine this is a relief although sometimes when you turn up for gigs with a USB stick in your pocket its hard to get people to believe you are actually working at their club.

Headphones I’m old school so Technics 1210s all the way!

Because we’re GaydarGirls and we’re all about dating – what music would you play for a girl that you like? What should we avoid?

Being a DJ I have to choose the music all of the time, so my girlfriend is in charge of car and home tunage.

Be careful when making out to the radio… we had a very unfortunate (but very funny moment) when that Bloodhound Gang track “The Bad Touch” came on..AVOID!

Do you judge people by their music taste? For example, I’m a big Whitney Houston Fan….

No I would judge you if you didn’t like music at all… and by the way I saw Whitney at Wembley in the pre crack era… She was immense!!

Plug yourself in 3 sentences, where else can we find you…

I’m very choosy about the gigs I do being a bit of a veteran, so you know that if I have agreed to play then it will be an amazing gig.

I put a lot of thought and effort in to the parties I put on so do come and join me for a great night out.

Mariella Mejia; works at GaydarGirls and is always on the lookout for great content, inspiring stories and restaurant recommendations – she can’t help herself.



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