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We’re in a Brighton Pride mood and we’re chatting to some of the girls who will be making your weekend memorable.
One of those ladies is DJ Becky Perry, we pick her brain about Brighton Pride and more..

DJ Becky Perry you’ll be DJing at the Gay Girls weekend this coming August, what are you looking forward to the most?

The whole lot of it! I’m so excited and flattered to be playing! It’s my first time playing in the park and I’ve always wanted to play there. Words can’t really explain how excited I am!

I’m also going to have my girlfriend and a lot of my friends there supporting me which makes it extra special!

In our stalking research, we see you’re new to the UK gay scene. How have you found it? What would you do to improve the female night life?

Yes I’m still fairly new but have established myself pretty well now and have loved every minute of it.

I never really expected to get as far as I have and to have played at some amazing venues!
The scene is pretty versatile now with new girls-only nights popping up all over the place! I wouldn’t really change how it is but would love to see some new gay clubs prop up rather than just bars.

Do you have a particularly favourite gig?

(Don’t say no, we all know that everyone has a favourite… personally, I have a favourite nephew and he knows it too.)

There’s quite a few!!!
But one of my favourites was at Christmas last year at the place where my career pretty much started- WE LOVE, Watford.

It’s held in a gatecrasher owned nightclub and is the biggest gay night in Hertfordshire. That particular night blew me away, it’s a hell of a club with an amazing sound and lighting systems and my set went down really well. Was extra special as I had almost every friend I have there too.

Being up on stage, you must see some crazy/wonderful things. Go on, share the juicy stuff… what’s the strangest thing you’ve seen party revellers do?

I love people watching so getting a good view from the DJ box is always a perk of the job!
By far one of the funniest things I have seen was whilst I was playing at a club in Northampton.
There was a woman, dressed as a Christmas tree (not over the Christmas period) doing the Harlem Shake (not to the Harlem Shake) and then face planted the floor.

You kind of had to be there to appreciate how funny it was, but I was in tears!

You must have some envious DJ equipment… share your layman’s tips with us, what headphones should we be walking around London with?

I use Sennheiser HD25 mk2s- Theyre amazing and perfect for noise reduction and changeable parts, but basic on design. Before these I had Pioneer HDJ 1500’s- they’re beautiful and the sound quality is awesome, would recommend these if you’re going to look after them!

I’m pretty lucky with my personal DJ equipment too and have built a nice little set up, I often have people ask me about what to buy if they wanted to start DJing and my answer is do your research first, learn about music and the various genres, BPM, and mixing in general.

Don’t just spend a load of money or go straight to using a midi controller (most controllers come with software that has visualizers so you see the beat rather than listen to it) it’s not the best way to learn as you cant always rely on laptops!

Do you have a favourite party tune that makes you bust out a dance?

There are SO many!!

But one I’ve loved for a while now is mix called Pump and Grind– A dirty bouncy house remix by a guy called Freejack- of R kelly’s Bump and Grind, “My minds telling me noooooo” – everyone has a sing along then it builds to a really cool drop.

What can we expect from the Gay Girls weekend? Apart from what it says on the packet…

Mayhem I’d imagine, it’s really great that there’s full support of ‘lesbian needs‘ this year, often we’re overshadowed a bit by the guys but now having and being part of this amazing line up of DJs I think it’ll be a Pride to remember!

Plug yourself in 3 sentences, where else can we find you…

I’m all over the place!! Regularly you’ll find me on Saturday nights at Candy Bar Soho and soon to be playing at Girls on Top, Brighton.

Also soon coming up is a Boat Party! And I’m currently working with promoters to set up and brand new ‘out of town‘ lesbian night.

All details can be found on my Facebook and mixtapes on my SoundCloud.

Mariella Mejia; works at GaydarGirls and is always on the lookout for great content, inspiring stories and restaurant recommendations – she can’t help herself.



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