DJs of Brighton Pride – Amy B

You would have seen our Brighton Pride take over on the blog home page and if you haven’t, what on earth are you waiting for?

And because we’re so excited to be a part of it, we rounded up a series of the girls providing the tunes.
To start with, we have the uber (I love that word) talented DJ Amy B.

Amy B, you’ll be DJing at the Gay Girls weekend this coming August, what are you looking forward to the most?

I cannot wait!
For starters Brighton Pride is my favourite Pride and it is such a pleasure to DJ at it.

I’m obviously looking forward to playing to all the lovely ladies in the dance tent as well have having some of my nearest and dearest coming to visit so this is an extra bonus!

In our stalking research, we see you’ve shared the stage with some amazing artists. Peaches, Hunter Valentine – the list is endless.
Have you had a particular favourite?

(Don’t say no, we all know that everyone has a favourite… personally, I have a favourite nephew and he knows it too.)

That is sooooo hard!

Jo Whiley has to be up there because that was the first celeb I’ve played alongside.
Not only am I a massive radio fan I love Jo’s shows so it was great to share a stage with her!

I DJ’ed with Dan O’Connell from XFM which was also a highlight as that opportunity came up from a competition meaning that I got chosen from hundreds of applicants- things like that make it mean a little bit more.

In all honesty though, I have played with some fantastic people and the fact promoters have trusted me and had the faith in me to follow artists such as Peaches has meant the world to me.

Being up on stage, you must see some crazy/wonderful things. Go on, share the juicy stuff… what’s the strangest thing you’ve seen party revellers do?

You do see some interesting things for sure. Not sure how to word this but I’ve seen many people get ‘intimate’!- who doesn’t love seeing a cheeky finger when you DJ!

Not overly juicy but some people’s dancing is amazing! It can be very hard to keep a straight face sometimes!

You must have some envious DJ equipment… share your layman’s tips with us, what headphones should we be walking around London with?

Believe it or not but I am a major technophobe so I haven’t got a state of the art set up! Headphones are a touchy subject….. My beauty’s that I’ve had for the past 4 years finally died on me last week! They were aviator Skullcandy ones and because I hate change I will probably replace them with exactly the same ones!

Any tips/suggestions for wanna-be DJs?


The majority of gigs that come my way (as well as most other DJ’s I know) is purely by getting yourself out there and people being aware of who you are etc.

Are you an early-bird or are you a late-night-flamingo?

(I really don’t know what the late night bird equivalent is… go with me here!)

I’m a bit of a both! Depressingly what they say is true… as you get older you wake up earlier!

I would go to say that I’m neither a early-bird or late-night flamingo but a napper!

What can we expect from the Gay Girls weekend? Apart from what it says on the packet…

I hope that it will be a set everyone enjoys!

I always like to add a slight element of surprise so I love playing BIG tunes in my sets but also the odd track that people would never expect to hear.

Also if my pride outfit goes the way it is looking expect lots of BOOB!

Plug yourself in 3 sentences, where else can we find you…

Being praised on my ‘risk taking’ many times I hope that my sets convey this & everyone always dances like crazy!

You can find me all over the place…

My weekly night is at Candy Bar and is called ‘Chick Habit‘ where we play good old indie music as well as showcase live bands etc.

I do gigs in indie clubs like Bacchus in Kingston-Upon-Thames and this year I am playing L-Fest which I cant wait for.

The Gay Girls Weekender is all part of Brighton Pride.

Don’t miss the weekend full of parties just for girls – get your tickets early!

Mariella Mejia; works at GaydarGirls and is always on the lookout for great content, inspiring stories and restaurant recommendations – she can’t help herself.



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  1. Stephen Townsend

    I am AmyBs biggest fan!! Amy would you send me a signed photo of you please?

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