Dykon: Heather Peace

es quiver and sent your hormones spinning when you were a dyke-in-training. It’s time to pay homage at the altar of dyke icons.

The only real life lesbian in the Lip Service cast has dusted off her guitar and will be heading Down Under in 2014, as she was announced as the first international headliner for 2014.

Oh, did we mention? She’s a singer songwriter too.


Heather Peace.

Also known as:

DS Sam Murray in BBC Three’s lesbian drama Lip Service.

Not to be confused with:

Laura Fraser, who plays her on-screen girlfriend Cat.

Last seen:

Being announced as the first international headliner for Sydney Mardi Gras 2014.

Best feature:

Eyes and jaw.

Candy Bar or Green Carnation?

We reckon Green Carnation…

Most likely to:

Take risks in her career.

She turned down a role in Coronation Street to do Lip Service, unsure about whether a drama about lesbians would do well, but sure of the fact that it was an important show to be a part of.

“It’s about time the UK did a drama about gay girls, and essentially it stops being about sexuality and more about friendship and love”.

Least likely to:
Be in a costume drama. She admitted to Great LezBritian that, even though her mum would like to see her in one, it “isn’t ever going to happen”. Having played a firefighter, a member of the SAS and a cop throughout the course of her acting career, Heather says she’s “typecast to a degree, but I love it. I get to play roles that lots of boys would love to do”.

Is she a sista?

Oh yes, she’s definitely of the faith.

“I’m proud of who I am and happy to let people know I am happy being gay”


Phwoarrr rating?

She may not be the most glamorous Lip Service lady, but her character had a swagger and sexual appetite that got a lot of viewers hot for her.

And after seeing press shots of her with a strap on guitar – the woman is seriously sexy!

Come on, who DOESN’T love a singer/songwriter?

Do mention:

How she featured in the Pink List as one of the UK’s 40th most influential gay person.

Don’t mention:

How Lip Service inevitably keeps getting compared to The L Word.

L Word was issues based – lesbians having babies, getting married, all these issues

This series is just trying to be a really entertaining show. It deals with things everybody does, whether you’re gay or straight – friendship, love, betrayal, things that are not about being gay. I think that’s where it’s ground breaking”

We miss Lip Service, do you?



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  1. Carmen

    Saw Heather Peace play a small show this year at Coogee Bay. Amazing! She can bloody sing and she’s one sexy lady! Xo

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