Dykon: Jessie J

They made your hands clammy, your knees quiver and sent your hormones spinning when you were a dyke-in-training.

It’s time to pay homage at the altar of dyke icons.

It’s sexy pop star whose new album will, no doubt, be filling up the dance floor at a lesbian club near you.


Jessica Ellen Cornish.

Also known as:

Jessie J. Apparently, the J stands for “whatever you want it to”.

Not to be confused with:

Katy Perry, whose own lesbian club dance floor filler ‘I Kissed a Girl’ was ultimately created to titillate straight men.

Jessie J’s ‘Do It Like a Dude’, on the other hand, celebrates masculine women at the same time as it turns the tables on the sexist music dominating the charts today.

What’s more, the video is set in an underground lesbian club – no boys allowed here.

Last seen:

Pretty much everywhere right now.

This woman is hot property.

Best feature:

Beautiful eyes, shaved head and legs that go on forever.

(That’s more than one, isn’t it?)

Most likely to:

Be on her way to repeat on your iPod – her new album ‘Alive‘ is fresh off the press.

Least likely to:

Go down the same path as Amy Winehouse.

(No offence Amy…)

Jessie’s heart problems and minor stroke at the age of 18 means she doesn’t touch alcohol or drugs, even caffeine.

Is she a sista?

Jessie J recently put the record as straight as she could – pun intended.

“It’s not like I’m 100 percent bisexual or lesbian. I fall in love with who I fall in love with. It’s society who says that people have to fall into categories. I’ve never felt like I’ve had to say, ‘Hi, I’m Jessie J and I’m bisexual.'”

Phwoarrr rating?

She’s sex on very long legs.

Do mention:

Her new album, Alive and her love for her fans.

Don’t mention:

The ill-fated girlband she was in when she was 17. The record company went bust before any material was released.

Probably for the best anyway – we can’t imagine her as anything but a sassy solo artist.

Find out more at www.jessiejofficial.com.



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  1. Dav

    “It’s not like I’m 100 percent bisexual or lesbian. I fall in love with who I fall in love with. It’s society who says that people have to fall into categories.”

    Yay!! This is SO fckn true!! Labels, who needs ’em??? Society, the media, narrow people who are so insecure they have to label everyone around them. Well, I have been done with that for a while. Girls, you do NOT hafta wear their labels! Be yourself, live dangerously, love who you like when you like.

  2. Dav

    Hmmmmm, seems you are selective and censor comments according to whim. What was wrong with my comment about labels??

    • Mariella Mejia

      Hi Dav – we screen all comments so as to avoid any abusive posts and spam, hey it happens.
      And our blog automatically screens any comment from anyone who has never commented (and been approved) before. That’s where your comment was sitting but you can see it above.
      So there you go x

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