Mae Martin’s Slumber Party

Mae Martin is funny.

Which is handy considering she’s a comedian. (Boom Tish – is that not the most awkward opening ever?)

To prove just how funny she was, I went on a YouTube quest to ‘research’ (some call it stalking) what Mae Martin was really about.
And bloody hell, she’s talented.

She’s funny, witty, Canadian (you can’t hate a Canadian) and she can also play the guitar and she sings.

Which is more than I can do, I can barely walk and talk… that’s not a meek attempt at humour, that is a fact.

Mae, you’re from the maple country, Canada. What takes you to the UK?

My Dad’s British and grew up in London so I had some family here and a British passport and I had heard that England was the mecca of comedy… a green and pleasant land where the streets were paved with comedians.

When I got here I turned on the TV and the first thing I saw was “The Only Way Is Essex” and I thought “what have I done…

You have a new show opening at Soho Theatre called Slumber Party. Why are we thinking ‘pillow fight in underpants’…?

Haha… I don’t know why pillow fights are always considered sexy.

In my experience from when I was a kid they always turn a bit too real and end in tears.

No, the show is fully clothed and has no pillows – it’s about the intense way that we feel things as teenagers and how nostalgic I am for those years.
(And if there are pillow fights in underpants, do you think the audience will be full of middle aged men? Is it wrong to ask what colour the underpants will be?)

What advice would you give girls on our site when it comes to online dating?

(We know you have some interesting internet web searches… we’ve seen it on YouTube)
When you’re describing yourself try to be a bit self deprecating – don’t say things like (and this is a REAL THING I saw someone wrote) “My friends say I’m a revelation, a ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air… a diamond”
Humility is key. Even if you are, in fact, a diamond.

How melodramatic were your teenager years? How many doors did you slam?

Oh boy… I slammed every door. I stormed out of every room. I cried in every school bathroom. It was such a roller coaster and I was insufferable but I miss it! I really did go overboard though, dropped out of school and tried to become James Dean.

When introducing yourself at parties as a comedian, do people ask you if you’re funny?

(Idiots, we would never do that… we’d just YouTube the shit out of you… which we did. And now we’re standing on a box with an open pelvis*)
People always ask me to tell a quick joke.

If you met a surgeon at a party would you ask them to do a quick surgery? Maybe not quite the same thing…

4 sentence plug: plug yourself in 4 sentences…

Please like me. I need you to…

I have no qualifications to do anything other than comedy.

Help me prove to my parents that I made a good choice.

So the bottom line is that Mae needs you…

You can find Mae Martin on Twitter, YouTube and her Blog.

Mariella Mejia; works at GaydarGirls and is always on the lookout for great content, inspiring stories and restaurant recommendations – she can’t help herself.



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