Dykon: Helen Mirren

This week it’s the woman who has played the Queen more than once, come out shouting at  party revellers and made it up to them by attending the As One festival. She’s won an Academy Award, four BAFTAs, three Golden Globes, four Emmy’s and two Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Awards – she’s also won our hearts several times over.

She’s a sex symbol, a feminist and acting royalty.


Helen Mirren.

Also known as:

Dame Helen.

Not to be confused with:

Dame Judi or Dame Maggie.

Last seen:

Outshining Rita Ora by wearing an identical Dolce & Gabanna dress … she wore it best.

Best feature:

She’s super cool. And oh so sexy.

She’s not only notorious for her on-screen nudity, but she’s famous for her portrayal of strong female characters – hello DCI Jane Tennison – which makes her an über dykon if ever there was one.

Most likely to:

Nail the Queen.
Well, nail the character.

She’s played a queen no less than three times over in her career – Queen Charlotte in The Madness of King George, Elizabeth I in the television series Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II in The Queen – and she’s won as Oscar for her efforts.

Least likely to:

Have become complacent while sitting on the Hollywood throne.
In recent years, she has taken to the podium before a roomful of high-profile female Hollywood executives and criticised the industry for catering to:

“…the 18 to 25 year old male and his penis… quite small, I always think”

She went on to say that she resented:

“…having witnessed the survival of some very mediocre male actors and the professional demise of the very brilliant female ones”

Is she a sista?

Despite kissing Kyra Sedgwick on screen in the film Losing Chase, she won’t be fulfilling your older woman fantasy anytime soon.

We’re sorry too.

Phwoarrr rating?

Exceptionally high.

Do mention:

Her gay fan base, including the HMAS – the Helen Mirren Appreciation Society.

“A lot of them are gay – mostly women. They often organise trips and get together from all different countries to see me in the theatre and then see me afterwards. I appreciate the HMAS”.


Don’t mention:

The abominable remake of Arthur.
Don’t worry Helen, we’ll forgive you for that one.



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