Dykons: Sandra Bullock

This week it’s the woman who’s won an Academy Award, a Razzie and topped a poll asking gay women which Oscar nominee they’d most want to date.


Sandra Ann Bullock.

Also known as:

The go-to girl for romantic comedies, although she does throw some big dramas into the mix, too.

Not to be confused with:

Jennifer Aniston, the other reigning rom-com queen.

Best feature:

Chin dimple, smile and her laugh.

Last seen:

In previews of her new movie, Gravity. Also rapping on the Jonathan Ross Show.

Most notably though, she’s given a great acceptance speech for her Best Actress Oscar – just the right mix of humour, humility and sap.

Most likely to:

Be the Oscar nominee you most want to hook up with.

According to an online survey designed to coincide with the Academy Awards which asked gay singles which movie star they’d like to date, 33 percent of the votes went to Sandra.

For the record, Meryl Streep came a close second, followed by Dame Helen Mirren, Carey Mulligan and Gabourney Sibide bringing up the rear.

Least likely to:

Take herself too seriously.

Ms. Down-to-earth actually turned up at the Razzies the day before the Oscars to accept her award for Worst Actress for the film All About Steve.

She got a standing ovation.

Is she a sista?

Although she called Meryl Streep “such a good kisser” in her Oscar acceptance speech, the answer is no.

FYI, the kiss she was referring to was on stage at the recent VH1 Critics’ Choice Awards, when she and Meryl tied for Best Actress.

The pair pretended to fight before making up with a dramatic and enthusiastic smooch.

Phwoarrr rating?

High – she isn’t your most wanted leading lady for nothing.

Do mention:

Her career – it just keeps getting better.
She’s the new lead role in new drama film, Gravity.

Don’t mention:

Her love life. Or her husband Jesse James – what a douche bag.



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