Don’t be THAT Girl…


You may not be aware that we have a customer service team that work 7 days a week, they speak 7 languages fluently between them, have enviable lunches (all very healthy) and they can solve just about anything… except complicated IKEA furniture.

One of the things they deal with the most is the unfortunate behaviour of some girls on the site.
We get emails of all sorts of situations and we hear your complaints about the sharing of unsolicited x-rated images, fake profiles, abusive behaviour and the list goes on.

One of our GaydarGirls received such a message and she light-heartedly made this artwork, which gave us a right chuckle.

Loch Ness Danger 2

And while we love someone with a bit of humour, this is actually really serious.

Because here at GaydarGirls we’re adamant at making sure that GaydarGirls (and all our channels) are a safe and inclusive place for all.

If you feel someone is harassing you, bullying you it’s always better for you to tell us rather than trying to deal with the situation yourself.

To report such or other nasty behaviour:

  • Take screen shots of chat windows, online messages, profile names and an account of what’s happened on GaydarGirls.¬†We’ll need your side of the story, give us as much information and context as you can.
  • Think of us like the gay police ready to investigate, the more evidence and information you can give us – the better.
  • Email us directly at with your profile name and the email address you’re registered with.

Then leave the rest up to us, one of our wonderful team will look in to it for you and get back to you as soon as they can.

And if you happen to be one of the girls with said behaviour…

Come on, don’t be that girl



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