Dykon: Jennifer Beals

Forget Shane, the ex-Flashdancer is the real reason that we were addicted to the L Word.


Jennifer Beals

Also known as:

Bette Porter

Not to be confused with:

Marine Jahan, the body double who did all the complicated dance moves in Beals’ 80s hit film Flashdance.

What isn’t so well known is that an uncredited gymnast and Richard Colon, aka Crazy Legs, a black Latino male, performed some of the dance routines.

Last seen:

Advocating for safer chemicals at U.S Capitol Hill.

Like many of you, I started my journey in the quest for strong laws on toxic chemicals because quite simply I am a mother and I am tired of feeling like I have to have a PhD in toxicology in order to be a competent parent. I am tired of being a detective, hunting the Internet for clues as to what product is safe and what product is not safe and why.

She was a big hit with the audience.

Best feature:

Big eyes, big hair.

Most likely to say:

“Actually, I’m not a lesbian.”

Least likely to say:

“What a feeling!”

Is she a sista?


That’s right, despite playing gay very convincingly, Beals is very straight indeed and happily married – to a guy.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Do mention:

The thing about The L Word reviving Beals’ career is a bit mean because she’s been working consistently since Flashdance in 1983, albeit with a bit of time off to go to college.

Don’t mention:

The fact the she turned down the role of Agent Scully in The X Files.

Apparently, David Duchovny, who had a crush on her since their days at Yale, wanted her to star in the show but she had no interest in the character or him!




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