Help: I Have Feelings For Another Girl…

I hope you can help.

I have a gf who I love dearly but I also have a crush on this girl who works at the local supermarket down the road from me. I have tried to deny the feelings that I have for this girl but its driving me bats.

I really don’t know what to do any more.

Please help.

Auntie GG replies:

Lots of feelings and little detail on this one.

First of all, it’s not illegal to have a crush.  Crushes are life’s way of completely taking the piss, they’re normal, they happen, and guess what?

They pass.

I have to assume that you don’t know this girl well enough socially to know whether she bats for your team, or is even a nice person, but some form of conversation between you might help to clear that up.

You never know, she might be straight-up unattainable, or a mean girl, or both.
Then that’s your problem solved.

But if she does turn out to be someone you would want in your life, then you’ve done yourself a favour by talking to her.

I don’t doubt that you love your girlfriend, but it’s not cheating to talk to another girl, it’s not cheating to fancy another girl, but you are cheating yourself if you deny yourself any interaction with girls that, let’s face it, might be better suited to you.

Talk first, decisions later.
We can even talk them through here after you’ve had a chat.
It could just be a passing fancy then you’ve done yourself a favour by talking to her.

Good luck,

Your Auntie GG

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