Dykons: Oprah

It’s time to pay homage at the altar of dyke icons. And this week it’s, quite possibly, the most powerful woman on earth – Oprah.


Oprah Winfrey.

Also known as:

Ms Winfrey, Orpah (that`s what she was christened) or “The Big O”.

Not to be confused with:

Sally Jessy Raphael.

Last seen:

Talking to the Hollywood Reporter on why she never had yearned to be a mother – she says had she had children, they probably would have hated her.

It’s alright Oprah, they usually get over that phase by 21.

Best feature:

Quite possibly the most famous reporter there is.
Also her can-do attitude which has made her quite the empire.

Most likely to say:

“I believe I was put on this earth to be the best me that I possibly can be..”

Least likely to say:

“Yeah, okay, whatever, I don`t mind, I give up.”

Is she a sista?

Nope, officially she`s happily partnered with moustache-sporting-one-named, Steadman.

But she does have a very close relationship with her best friend and she`s a liberal whose mates cross the whole sexuality spectrum.

Do mention:

Oprah is a wonder of modern life.
She’s worth billions, she could easily be the first black woman president of the United States, and she`s completely self-made.

Don`t mention:

Her weight.
Does it matter anyway?



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