Dykons: Sia

It’s time to pay homage at the altar of dyke icons.

This week it’s the bisexual singer-songwriter from Down Under who won’t let a record label tell her what music to make.


Sia Kate Isobelle Furler.

Also known as:

She’s a one name artist, you see.

Not to be confused with:

Australian singer-songwriter and out lesbian Missy Higgins

Last seen:

Writing for Britney Spears and Beyonce.
And collaborating on the soundtrack for hit film “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” with hit song ‘Elastic Heart’.

Also, she donated all proceeds from her collaborative song with Eminem to LGBT charities after his alter ego Slim Shady made homophobic comments.

Best feature:

Her voice and distinct blonde bob.

Most likely to:

Keep changing her musical direction as she continues to absorb new influences. “I’m really impressionable, that’s what it is”, she says.

Least likely to:

Do what a record label tells her to do. She may be impressionable, but she’s also headstrong. She recalls making an album similar to We Are Born right after her downtempo 2004 release Colour the Small One and having it rejected by Universal Records.

“They said, ‘You’re a downtempo artist. You can’t do this, you’ll confuse the fans’ – I was like, ‘Eff that’ That’s what I’m delivering’, and then they dropped me”.

She’s since negotiated a deal with Sony and making whatever type of music she wants.

Bet you someone’s kicking themselves now…

Is she a sista?

Yes. Taking to AfterEllen in 2008 about her bisexuality, she said,

“I’ve always been open about it. People are just making a fuss of it now because I’m getting successful”.

Phwoarrr rating?

She’s cute and hilariously funny – our type of girl.

Do mention:

All the critical acclaim and awards she receives for her incredibly song writing from Beyonce, Britney Spears to Lea Michele.

Don’t mention:

Fame, fortune and inequality:

“It seems weird to me that three years ago when I was going out with a dude it was fine if I got married and now that I’m going out with JD it’s not allowed. It’s kind of enraging”.



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