Santa Baby, Slip A Sex Toy Under The Tree For Me…

Christmas is always an uber busy time of year at Sh! and no wonder ~ Sex toys make fabulous presents to both give AND receive.

Only Valentines Day surpasses Christmas when it comes to sexy gift giving amongst the gay girl sorority and why not?

Who wouldn’t love to find a dreamy new dildo or exciting new vibrator in their stocking to fire up Christmas?

Yes, sex toys add festive-fever, fun and frivolity to a season that can be, lets face it, and a sometimes tedious round of family visits, curly turkey sarnies and old movie re-runs.

But I think there’s another reason why sex-toy gifts (especially strap-ons) are so popular amongst gay-girl couples at Christmas.

Toys are THE gift of intimacy and pleasure.

Whilst there’s lots of clothes-on culture and camaraderie in lesbian lifestyle, what ultimately defines being a lesbian is having sex with another woman.

Giving a sex toy is a re-affirmation of this.
A more ‘homely’ gift can be given by anyone, but only your girlfriend can give you a strap-on!
Or know the proportions of your perfect dildo…

Less intimate, but just as thrilling, is a vibrator. Don’t go for anything too intimidating size-wise.
A small bullet vibrator, for instance, can be a gift for everyone; Best mate, sister, cuz Hell! Even your mother if she’s down with it enough…

A buzzing plaything can be *so* much more than simply a fun gift. For someone who’s shy or embarrassed about buying one for themselves, a vibe could be the most empowering pressie you’ll ever give.

It’s probably no surprise to learn that I give vibrators as presents all the time.

I even smuggled one into Downing Street once, for a certain occupant…

And the thing I’ve learnt is this: It that it doesn’t matter who’s on the receiving end nor how much they might squeal and protest that they don’t ‘need’ a vibrator – my pressie is ALWAYS slipped into their bag and squirreled away, believe me!

Sometimes people just need permission and ease of supply to enjoy sex toys.

You don’t have to in a relationship to deserve sex toys in your stocking either.

Being single is the best time to get down with your body’s own pleasures and preferences as you are not distracted by someone else’s!

So what are my Top 5 lesbian gifts this Christmas?

A Strap-On

A best-selling lesbi-pressy at any time, Strap-Ons fly off the shelves at Christmas time.

‘Tis the season when it’s better to give than receive after all!

If you are buying for your girlfriend to be the receiver, don’t be a size queen – nobody needs to feel overwhelmed by a dildo coming towards them.

A dildo can feel a lot bigger than fingers. And it doesn’t have the same sensitivity…

When in doubt, let ‘less is more’ be your motto, not bigger is better.

It may seem obvious, but ultimately strap-on play is simply about enjoying penetration; Your girl enjoys it… She enjoys doing it to you…. Maybe, you both enjoy doing it to each other…

There’s no right or wrongs, no prescribed roles (unless you want to play them) and no power involved (unless your fantasies take you there…) A strap on simply allows you to satisfy penetrative desires with your hands free to caress elsewhere.

We know that buying your first strap-on can be a mind boggling experience.
So many harness styles….so many dildos!

So we created our Best Strap~On Kit to ease the way…


It’s simply our best-selling dildo with best selling harness along with a bottle of lube ( a sensual essential that enhances strap on sex ) and free condoms, all boxed up in a stylish gift/storage box.
Plus it’s £5 cheaper that buying all individually.

Boggled by all the choice?
On 22nd December we’re holding ‘Strap On Sunday’ to help you choose your perfect strap-on.

There’ll be talks & info on how to choose the best dildo and harness combo for *you*, the extras that can add extra sensations, plus great positions and tips for strap-on sex.

Strap On Sunday 22nd Dec 12-8pm

Sh! 57 Hoxton Square. N1 6PB

New Harness or Dildo.

You’re already kitted out but would like to freshen up your toy box this Xmas.

It’s not your first time.
You know what you both enjoy and would like to upgrade or try something new.

A shiny new dildo.
One in a different size perhaps…

A new harness.
One that offers thigh-humping possibilities or one that can be worn under jeans, just like a sexy pair of Calvins…

Perhaps a new way to experience strap-on play?
One that offers even more intimacy as both of you experience a shared feeling of penetration at the same time….


A little book of hot lesbian erotica makes is a popular gift for everyone from bessy mates to long-time wives.

Starting from around £8, erotica is not an expensive gift either; an ideal stocking filler.
And one that can inspire fantasies and passion way beyond the New Year.

Secret Vibrator

With sexy Ipod-style touch control unit and super strong buzz, if there was one vibrator I’d recommend this Christmas, it would be the Secret Vibe.


A teeny bullet with innocent looks and a super-charged presence.
It’s incredibly quiet which means it can be played with in the family home without any comments the next morning…

Bondage Bow

Feeling a little kinky this Christmas?
The Bondage Bow is gift bow with a difference.


A ribbon that wickedly unravels to reveal itself as a bondage restraint 😉

Get yourself down to the Sh! store, it’s open 12-8pm throughout the Christmas period with these exceptions;

Christmas Eve: Close at 6pm
Christmas Day &; Boxing day: Closed
New Years Eve: Close at 6pm
New Years Day: Closed.

Sh! 57 Hoxton square
London N1 6PB
020 7613 5458

Last Posting Dates for Christmas Delivery:

£2.95 ~ Order before 3pm on 20th December

£5.95 ~ Guaranteed Next Day Delivery Order before 3pm on 23rd December

Ky Hoyle; is the Founder & Head Girl at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium. If you have a sex-talk question for Ky, leave it in the comments below.



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  1. Kaitlyn Cole

    Slipping a condom on a sex toy like a dildo or vibe for solo sex can make aftercare of your sex toys a lot easier and faster. Thanks for letting me know about it.

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