Dykon: Nicole Kidman

It’s time to pay homage at the altar of dyke icons.
This week it’s time for us sistas to pay homage to tall, leggy lady Nicole Kidman.


Nicole Mary Kidman.

Also known as:

Nicole Mary Kidman AC (that stands for Companion of the Order of Australia, Australia’s highest civilian honour, bestowed upon her in 2006).

Not to be confused with:

Mimi Rogers, Penélope Cruz or Katie Holmes – Tom Cruise’s other leading ladies.

Last seen:

Gushing about husband Keith Urban’s romantic gestures.
He leaves her a love letter for every night he’s away from her… awww!

Best feature:

Nicole is one cool cat, and also very beautiful.

Most likely to:

Fall for small blokes.

Least likely to:

Put on weight.

Is she a sista?

The tragedy!

Nicole has been linked to a string of peculiar men, but never any women.

Politically liberal, she’s a friend of the gays, just not one herself.


Phwoarrr rating?

Extremely high, especially when combined with a mega-glamour rating and an extreme wealth and power rating too.

Do mention:

There is nothing this woman cannot do, including extricating herself from a marriage to a megalomaniac, winning armloads of awards for her top acting skills, recording hit records with Robbie Williams, adopting children and remaining calm and collected throughout.

Oh, and starring in the world’s most expensive advert!

Classy, huh?!

Don’t mention:

Despite being one of Hollywood’s power players, she’s still managed to star in a handful of stinkers that sank without trace.

Anyone remember Birth, Fur, Eyes Wide Shut or, gasp, The Stepford Wives?



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