How To Have The ‘Girlfriend’ Conversation…

Picture the scene; you’ve met someone great..

Even the thought of her makes you giddy, you get butterflies when she texts and you don’t mind her seeing you first thing in a morning- in fact you actively want to wake up with her- but it’s not “official” yet…

As a teeny tot in the playground, all it took was a simple “will you go out with me” and there you had it- quickly, like the removal of a plaster from a scabby knee, you either had your dreams crushed or you were instantly coupled up and someone’s girlfriend.

Of course primary school is a long way off and as a grown up, as with everything, it’s not quite the same.

You can’t just come right out and say it now, can you?

So, you’ve been you know- “seeing each other“, dating (read: shagging) for a little while and you’re ready to make sure that your lady is Your Lady and make it all Facebook official, but you don’t know how to bring it up…

How should you ask someone to “be your girlfriend?”

I drafted in the help of some friends and here’s what we came up with;

Send a bouquet of flowers to her work…

Obviously not if she has a meeting with her boss (that’d be silly) but we all love some good old fashioned romance.

Do be careful with what’s written on the card, if you’re too ambiguous (“Will you?”) your romance might be a bit more of a whirlwind with your [soon to be] mrs thinking she’s been asked to be your actual Mrs.

Send her a love letter…

Tell your love all the things you’ve enjoyed doing with her recently and all the things that she does that make you smile, at the end make sure you ask her the question.

Take her somewhere fancy…

A nice restaurant or a boutique hotel if you can afford to splash the cash.
While you’re there say something like “maybe we can come here for our anniversary next year?”
She should get it (thank me later.)

Ask without asking…

I have a friend whose girlfriend and her considered that a boy would normally do the asking so they just joked about who should ask.

It seemed to do the trick- they recently got engaged (Congratulations!)

Just say it!

Ever-smooth over here simply said “So, are you my girlfriend now?
Fortunately she still thinks it’s endearing (watch this space for more info on how we got together.)

Now get your profile updated to “In a relationship with…“, lovebirds!

Laura loves tea and cakes and kittens. She’s an obsessive planner, but also rubbish at sticking to plans and a terrible parker (She passed her driving test eighth time, out of sheer luck.) Scribbling’s not her day job but here’s where she does it: I Shout When I Whisper.



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