I Fell In Love With The Girl From Work

The first time I spoke to “The Girl” (we’ll call her Samantha, because that’s her name) was at work.

She was new and I was an old hat.
I like to pretend that I trained her but in fact I was paired with a chubby, spotty, know-it-all boy while my friend got to buddy with the fitty who is now set to be my wife.

I realised how much she intrigued me when she got chatting to me one Sunday; I was doing anything I could to skive work and she was on the balcony smoking so I went and joined her (Even though I didn’t smoke).

She was really funny and interesting and clever.
And she was fit and had a nice rack. She’s still all those things by the way.

I used to do arrow-words (like crosswords but easier) and text her for hints, just for an excuse for anything to chat about.

God bless Blackberry Messenger.

So we arranged a Glee-watching marathon (FYI I’d told her I was a huge Glee fan, I had seen a few eps but I wasn’t what you’d call a “fan“, but her Mum was going to Chelsea Flower Show and I knew she had a free house.)

I couldn’t wait and one Friday I text her to ask if she fancied coming to mine for pizza and a shit load of wine. She did.

From there we snuck of to sit in a car park and snog at lunch times and entered/exited work at cleverly engineered times so it wasn’t too obvious we were actually meeting in the NCP over the way.

People at work had some words of wisdom for us on finding out and many thought it wouldn’t last (you were wrong).

The rest, as they say, is history.

I fell for her so quickly and the butterflies have never stopped.
We had a summer of day-tripping everywhere from a Viv Westwood shoe exhibition to Hull’s The Deep, but there’s still a lot to get through (we still haven’t visited Beatrix Potter world (or something of a similar name) or Wales; this summer, maybe?

I have a big plan for Summer 2014, in fact, I have some dates for us to try (they’re listed here, if you wish to join us, so to speak).

Then we got a kitten and brought Dylan (the westie) to meet him and now they’re best friends.

And then?

We live happily ever after.



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