How Can You Be Sure She’s ‘The One’?

So you’ve met…

You’re official.

You have fun.

But how do you know it’s forever?
Because, by anyone’s standard, that’s a bloody long time.

You need to be sure.
Like sure, sure not “she’s alright” sure.

So we’ve devised a fool proof way of knowing that you’ve found The One.

(Legally we’re obliged to let you know that it’s not fool proof and just because you don’t satisfy all of the below, there’s no need to call off the wedding and vice versa…)

So, she’s ‘The One’ if…

Cliche (apologies) but you think about her first thing in a morning and all day, even when you’ve only just said “see you later“.

When anything funny happens she’s the one you want to tell.
Or anything sad. Anything annoying. Anything.

You laugh more with her than anyone else.
You could sit in a cardboard box and have the time of your life.

If you’re going away this summer do the Airport Test.
That’s where you arrive at the airport before check-in opens (because you’re an edgy traveller) and play 2 hours of Uno and chatter and you’re still not bored.

While we’re on the subject of other people; you’d always much rather be with her.
As guilty as you sometimes feel thinking it when you’re out with friends.

She’s there for you when you look like shit (like after that dodgy curry that time…) as well as when you feel a million dollars.

There’s not one thing you want to change about her, because even things that might be niggly also make her the most perfect thing in the world.

You are at your most hilarious when you’re around her (AKA she brings out the best in you).

Sometimes, when you’re together you feel like there’s no way you could be happier…

…but she’s also ready to wipe your tears when things aren’t as great.

Aside from all of those; when you know, you know.

Does that settle it?

Are you in love?



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  1. Maria

    In regards “So she is the one if” she ticked all the boxes but we just broke up after nearly 5 years. Where did it go wrong?

    • Esther Duran

      So sorry to hear that 🙁
      We can recommend you to open a profile with gaydarGirls…you never know, maybe you can find the one!

  2. asli

    Good points, but dome öf then brought më Tommy ex Girlfriend as a memory, and wasn’t my best relationship, but thanks for Thé advice, anyway 🙂

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