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I know ladies, it’s annoying, frustrating and at times rather depressing that Australia (and some other parts of the world) still hasn’t legalized same sex marriage.

But I’ve been lucky enough to plan some amazing same sex weddings and I can honestly say (this is directed at those who deem them ‘not real weddings’) that they are very real.

After all, a wedding is about two people who are committing to love each other forever, against all odds and even alongside the old myth looming around their heads which shall not be named (read: lesbian bed death). It’s time to keep on demonstrating our love for each other until society catches up, and who wants to wait around for that to happen anyway?

Bring on those wedding bells I say and let’s get planning.

Here are some steps to get you on your way:

Step 1: Plan Ahead.

I can’t stress this enough, good things (actually no, great things!) take time.
By making sure you have as much time as possible to plan allows you to create and attend the wedding you want, not something you’ve ended up settling for because of time restrictions.

Extra time also grants your wedding planner greater negotiation power when they’re booking your venue and other suppliers (such as entertainment, transport, food and beverage, etc)

My Tip: Plan 6-12 months out

Step 2: Decide how much help you require…

Using an event manager/wedding planner is the best way to get great deals as they can really leverage requirements on your behalf. Event planners/wedding managers do this stuff all the time so they have such a huge amount of power when it comes to negotiating better rates for you so you can save some money (and then spend it on your dress or a better beverage package!).

They will also be able to go over ALL of your supplier contracts to make sure you know what you’re signing up for (think cancellation terms etc)

Event managers/wedding planners will also be able to attend site inspections with you of your chosen venues prior to booking (and signing a contract!) and will ask the questions you don’t want to (such as “can we get it cheaper?”). In some instances they are able to negotiate bonuses like free accommodation for the couple and welcome drinks on arrival.

Event managers/wedding planners can help with a few things or they can take care of EVERYTHING for you, which means you get to be stress free!

My Tip: Use an event manager/wedding planner.

They’re absolute lifesavers and will really go over and above to make sure your wedding runs perfectly behind the scenes so you can enjoy every single bit of it.

Step 3: Have a budget!

Depending on your idea and imagination I’ve seen weddings go well into the $100k+ mark (calm down), but I’ve also seen weddings cost less than $10k and be breathtakingly amazing.

It really all depends on you and at the end of the day, you need to symbolise your love and whatever you want to spend to show that – spend it.

My tip: If you have a budget, stick to it.

Step 4: Have an idea in your head (or written down)

Book time with a planner and sit down with them to chat about it.
I absolutely LOVE hearing about client concepts for weddings and I love bringing their ideas to life.

If you go to your planner with an idea they can get in touch with the right suppliers who will execute your concept, they’ll also be able to get a rough gauge on cost and if what you want could work.

A great event planner/wedding manager takes time to discuss your budget, guests and personal preferences to make sure your wedding is EXACTLY as you envisage. They also then will be able to tell you upfront the fees they would charge based on the services you need.

My tip: Bring photos, draw pictures, GO CRAZY! Have fun with what you want!

Step 5: Keep in touch

Requirements for your wedding changed?

You want Vodka served instead of Gin?

Tell your event planner/wedding manager ASAP and let them take care of it.

It’s what they are there for and means every single change comes from them instead of through 3 different avenues.

My tip: Don’t call suppliers to change things yourself.

It’s not worth the headache and besides, if you’re paying for an event planner/wedding manager – it’s part of their job!


With the right planning, your wedding will run seamlessly so that when the day arrives you’ll have no stress about what time the florist or entertainment arrives, what time your car/transport is picking you up, if the food is hot enough etc because you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself and celebrating with your WIFE!

My Tip: Stick to one type of alcohol for the whole night.

Follow each glass of booze with one of water, nobody wants to miss out on wedding night sex!

Megan Luscombe is one half of The Ideas Library, an event company that she co-owns with partner Gwen O’Toole. They organise everything from, weddings to 40th birthday celebrations and have even helped a few overwhelmed gentlemen organise their wedding proposals.



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