It’s summertime ladies. Which means it’s time to whip out the sun cream and enjoy all the Pride events on offer.

June was International LGBT Pride History Month so – apart from painting our faces, downing wine and dancing the night away – we thought we should take this opportunity to highlight what Pride actually celebrates.

Despite its fun reputation Pride is a very important celebration which carries a very important message. Pride asserts the importance of equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

It celebrates diversity, stresses that sexuality is not merely a ‘lifestyle‘ or a choice but something that we are born with and, of course, displays that, as a community, we should not and are not ashamed of who we are.

The first Pride March took place in 1970 to celebrate the Stonewall demonstrations the year earlier, following police violence towards Lesbian, Gay and Transgender people at a gay bar in New York – The Stonewall – where riots broke out as a result.

The march was a serious event with a fun undercurrent – in many ways similar to the parades and celebrations that take place today. These days the parades raise awareness of LGBT equality, rights and promote union between the community and its supporters. They also act as a time of remembrance for those who have lost their lives to AIDS or homophobia. This is why Pride events often incorporate vigils. This is also why you’ll often find many charities on site raising awareness. So this year while you’re on the Pride circuit dancing into the sunset why not stop and take a moment to learn about what those charities do or who those vigils commemorate.

There are now Pride events in cities and towns across the globe. This year, with anti-gay attitudes in places like Russia and India heightened, it’s as important as ever to turn up and show your support.

We hope you enjoyed this potted history of Gay Pride.Remember to have fun and don’t forget the meaning behind these important events, if you grab a new gal in the process – even better!

Laura loves tea and cakes and kittens. She’s an obsessive planner, but also rubbish at sticking to plans and a terrible parker (She passed her driving test eighth time, out of sheer luck.) Scribbling’s not her day job but here’s where she does it: I Shout When I Whisper.



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