Lesbian Emojis

Oh the painstaking chore of having to laboriously scribe the words ‘Are you wearing converse tonight because I am and we can’t go out dressed as each other again.’

Oh the strenuous labour of having to type ‘Quick! I’m ovulating. Hurry over with the turkey baster and Enrique’s sperm.’

Well friends, you’ll be glad to hear that those days are officially gone.

Yup, that’s right. We are now formally living in The Future. A future in which lesbians no longer need to draft pesky long-winded epistles. A future in which the sisterhood can communicate exclusively via a set of laconic, painstakingly crafted, lesbian-specific emoticons. Thanks to Katie Streeter & Kimberly Linn – the graphic designers behind the Lesbian Emojis set – we can down our mobile devices and get back to the important things in life.

So whether you can’t be arsed to write ‘It’s been two weeks; move in.’ [see No. 2 Truck], ‘Must you wear the blazer? [see No. 7 Blazer] or just plain old ‘Oh, Tegan and Sara. Again.’ [No. 11 Tegan & Sara Album] you can now compress every sentiment into one tiny graphic.

Wave goodbye to your pen. Bid adieu too your keyboard. The future is here and it’s shaped like a fish taco [see No. 1 Fish Taco].



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