Yas and Liz Met on GaydarGirls

Love on GaydarGirls

Yas had been looking at my profile for months before she messaged me.

My profile was quite generic though, but when I updated it and made it quite specific, she noticed that she basically ticked every box and mustered up the courage to send me a beautiful, well-written and very original message.

I still have it backed up in several places and will never delete it.

I had been seeing someone that had gone away for the weekend and stuck me with tickets to two gigs, Gary Numan on Sunday and Edward Scissorhands at the Royal Theatre in Newcastle on Saturday.

I had literally asked all my friends if anyone wanted to go with me and they all said ‘no’.

So I thought I was not going to ask Yas to go, I would instead just ask her if she likes Gary Numan.

I wasn’t expecting her to say yes, but she did. So I thought I’d go all out and told her I also had a spare ticket to Edward Scissorhands on the day before and if she was busy…

She wasn’t!

What was it that attracted you to her profile?

The 183 cm under ‘height’.

For what I like to call ‘the redwood effect’ – I’m only 167 cm.

Where did you go on your first date?

We went to Theatre Royal in Newcastle to see Edward Scissorhands. There was this kind of weird electricity between our elbows on the common armrest.

Then to the Quayside for tapas.

Was there a kiss on the first date?

Was there ever!
Beautifully romantic at the end of the evening as we were saying bye.
Totally spontaneous.
It just sort of happened.

What’s the most important thing to each of you when it comes to being in a relationship?

For Yas it’s love.

For me it’s stability and security.

Who’s the boss?

Depends on the situation really.

We have such different skills.
For example, if it’s medical then I’m the boss because I’m a doctor.

How long have you been together and was it love at first click?

I read the message, went to the profile and saw the height and pics, and that was it.
We had our first date on 22 April, 2006.

What advice would you give to other GaydarGirls members, particularly those looking for love?

Be specific in your profile as to what you’re looking for and be honest about your likes, dislikes and achievements.

Simply describe what you want.

Did you meet your other half on GaydarGirls? Drop us a line with your story, we love love love love your love stories.



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  1. Yasmine Elliott

    I love this blog, thank you for sharing. I like the saying that keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. Thanks for sharing.

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