Top Five Dildos

Sex toys can be scary, so we asked Rhiannon Kemp-Davies, resident expert and owner of That’s The Spot, to demystify them for us and give us her top five.

The first thing you need to know is that I only recommend dildos made from silicone. Silicone is a lovely, soft material that warms to your body’s temperature quickly and is easy to clean. It’s non-porous which means it doesn’t absorb anything. Not only do porous toys discolour but they’re unhygienic. Silicone is medical grade material and the funnest thing about it is that if you want to give it a proper clean you can throw it in a pan of boiling water and it won’t melt or lose its shape. My first three recommendations all have harness-compatible bases so they can be used on their own, or indeed, with a strap-on harness. The other two don’t need harnesses.

1. Doc Johnson Slender
It’s the most affordable and the smallest. It’s size isn’t at all overwhelming or scary and it has a bulbous tip so that it will massage the G-Spot beautifully. The colour’s nice too. There are so many toys out there that are purple and pink but this colour is a breath of fresh air! So if you are new to the world of dildos, want some excellent G-spot stimulation or a different colour, this is one’s for you!
Take a look at my video to find out more.

2. Love Rider Jack Rabbit
If you like the Rabbit vibrator premise this one’s perfect for you! Ears are there to rest on either side of your clit and vibrate you to the peak of pleasure! It is much bigger than the Slender so this is a perfect dildo for those that like it big!

3. Tantus Tsunami Dildo
A long one with gorgeous ridges. It’s beautifully designed with an almost corkscrew look so it’s got some serious ribs on it and a lovely curving tip at the end of it for G Spot stimulation. The amazing bonus about it is that it has the capacity to vibrate too! In the base is a hole where you can put a bullet vibrator (it comes with one) so you have the option of having a vibrating dildo – quite often a plus, and especially for the wearer if you are using it in a strap-on as it will vibrate against you when you use it, giving both ladies pleasure.
Take a look at this to see the Tsunami as part of the Tantus Dildo Collection.

4. Share
The Share dildo has become very popular in the last few years and every lesbian couple that likes to indulge in strap-on sex but don’t want an actual harness have to own this. This video goes into a little more detail

5. New Wave
For those who already have the Share and want to carry on experimenting, the New Wave is the one for you. It’s similar to the Share in that it gratifies two users in one go, however it’s designed so that you don’t have to wear a harness and it gives equal ‘toy amount’ to both users. It’s made by the same folks too. Here’s a vid that explains it a bit more.


Rhiannon Kemp-Davies is the owner of Cardiff-based That’s The Spot – a service for women that focusses on taking the embarrassment out of buying sex toys. Rhiannon specialises in LGBT focussed consultations and sex toy soirees. Hit her up for bespoke consultations or sappho style sex toy soiree:




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