Why Inga Beale is our new crush

Don’t know who Inga Beale is? Fear not, we are here to inform you. Last week she topped the OUTstanding top 100 – a list of the top 100 LGBT executives. She is the CEO of Lloyds of London and is openly bisexual and we think we might be in love with her

 She beat loooooads of men for the top spot on this list

 Inga Beale - Lloyd's of London CEO

She looks hella fine in a suit fine


She has a smile that can light up our day, hashtag totes adorbs


She has truly mastered the “Are you for real face” when somebody asks her a silly question


She’s pulling off the power lesbian look like a pro


And is it just us or has she got some seriously effective puppy dog eyes?

inga-beale (1)

She has can pull off that seductive stare when she wants to

inga-beale (2)

The woman knows how to accessorise


We also like a woman who can rock bright blue and still look like the ultimate boss




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