We can’t cope with our Cate Blanchett crush

Is it Holiday Season or Cate Blanchett Season? It’s hard to tell. Here’s a rundown of her best bits

She’s 46 and, well, just LOOK at her


Her sass levels in Blue Jasmine, and in general, are high

cate sass

She played the most badass female monarch England has ever had and nailed it

cate elizabeth

She played Galadriel in Lord of the Rings and looked effortlessly ethereal.

cate galadriel

She answered our prayers by telling us to do exactly what we want to do with her

cate sleep

She’s beautiful with and without makeup and doesn’t cake it on like a lot of Hollywood actresses

cate makeup

Oh Cate, we know, why must you tempt us so??

cate old

And her smile gives us life and fills our hearts with joy… and sometimes arousal

cate smile

Even when she’s scowling and looking moody she’s still stunning

cate sad

She had the greatest response to being asked a stupid, misogynistic question at an interview

cate swear

She slays the vampy, edgy rocker look

cate vampy

Women in suits literally make us weak at the knees (she’s the one looking like a gorgeous boss in the middle)

cate suit

And she is one of the few women who can just wear a sheet and still look like a goddess

cate sheets

Did we mention we like a woman in a suit cos damn, we really love suited Cate

cate suit 2

I mean, we really like her in a suit

cate suit 3



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