Drag Queen reactions for every eventuality

When people keep us awake when we need our beauty sleep

rupaul facemask

When you get to the emotional danger zone because you’re too hungry

hungry queen

When group arguments get a little too heated


When the bitch to your left says something really stupid


When you look in the mirror and realise just how fly you look


When you see a girl trying to make a move on your crush


When someone asks you if an outfit looks good and you’re trying honesty a lot more lately


When a guy chats you up in a club

alyssa no

And he doesn’t seem to understand the “I’m a lesbian” concept

judging you

When you are getting a little too ‘turnt up’ in the club

turnt up

When your girlfriend is arguing with you and you’re waiting for her to finish her point

detox hand

When your girlfriend compliments you even though you know you look like shit


When you find out your crush is straight

detox sad

When you try make-up and contour skills for the first time


When you lock eyes with the girl you have been crushing all night on in the club

drag queen dance

When you see your friends the day after getting it on with a hot girl




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