Why Jenny Schecter was annoying but necessary

We know, we know, most people roll their eyes at the mention of The L Word’s Jenny Schecter, the fawn-like newbie to the world of lesbianism who rapidly turned unbearable. HOWEVER there were times she kicked butt, so let’s recap those in the name of appreciation.

When she stood up to her misogynistic roommate when he gave a lame apology that involved thanking her for standing up to him against making “those videos”

jenny schecter gif

When she cut her long hair off after coming out and looked more beautiful than ever

jenny shower

When she shut down straight peoples’ assumptions of lesbian sex

jenny gif 2

When her and Shane were just best friends and adorable

jenny and shane

When she summarised the importance of the LGBTQ community and the reason it exists

jenny black and white gif

When she put that two-faced journalist Stacey Merkin in her place by telling her what her surname actually meant

jenny merkin gif

When her reaction to team sport was pretty much iconic

jenny smoking

Her ability to stand up to everyone’s rude and ignorant comments was really impressive

jenny please

The courage she demonstrated getting up on stage and stripping in-front of a crowd of straight men just to prove a point was admirable

jenny 1

Even in her worst moments, Jenny was still so beautiful that it was impossible to 100% hate her

jenny beauts

And even if you did hate her, you loved to hate her because the show wouldn’t have been the same without her

jenny smile




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