Top 5 Juicer Tips

Ah January, the month of promising yourself you’ll become a new, healthier you. And the month of figuring out what to put in that new juicer of yours. Here are some tips on how to make your juice fad more than just a fad:

1. It used to be that getting your five a day via a smoothie was enough but sadly, health movements up their games every year and smoothies now apparently no longer cut it. Now ‘juice cleanses’ are taken to the extreme, with folks often going for five days without a week not eating solid food. We don’t recommend this ‘cleanse’ process as it lends itself to unhealthy amounts of restriction that in turn can lead to obsession. It’s not a permanent solution to weight loss and can be dangerous if abused. If you do decide to go for it remember to take things slow. If you feel yourself feeling faint or ill (some report having terrible headaches) stop and take a break. Eat something, it doesn’t need to be a Big Mac but as long as it’s healthy you’re not going to pile on weight.

2. Switch things up. Juices and smoothies can get boring if you just use fruit. You will be surprised by how good some vegetable smoothies can taste. Asparagus, kale and spinach can be great, super healthy foods to add to apple and banana. Some people even add nuts or almond milk. Freezing your berries is a great way to always have a berry stash and ensure your juices are cold

3. Don’t blend up your juices too far in advance. Some people decide to make their smoothies for the week ahead, sometimes just the night before. This isn’t great because fruits and vegetables start to lose their nutritional values as soon as they hit the juicer blade.

4. Wash your juicer as soon as possible. This tip is probably obvious but you would be amazed how many people don’t do this as often as they should. If you don’t have time to properly wash your juicer before work just make sure you run through it quickly with some warm water and get the main leftovers out. Pro tip: if you don’t like pulp etc, use it as compost in your garden.

5. Don’t overdo it. We mean this in several senses, don’t overdo juicing full stop. Don’t fill the juicer itself too much and don’t use too many ingredients either. Unless you are following a great recipe, it’s not a great idea to overdo your creations with too many fruits/veg, otherwise the great idea you had can actually become a weird tasting brown sludge.



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  1. McGee

    your Top Five Juicer Tips is very helpful.and before time i did wrong about your tips m
    number 3.and thank you now i have been careful about this.

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