The Best Oscar Moments Of All Time

It’s award season and, what with the Oscar nominations dropping (Carol hasn’t been nominated for Best Picture, really Hollywood, really?) we thought we’d look back on some of the great Academy Awards’ moments of the past. From the good to the painful to the downright weird.

Jack Nicholson not knowing what the hell is going on, ever.


Meryl losing her shit at a female director talking about equal pay, YES girl, YES!


Channing Tatum offering to show a boob just to get that Oscar selfie as many views as possible (6)

Lady Gaga pulled off a sound of music medley perfectly and then hugged goddess Julie Andrews (8)

Ellen bought pizza for everyone


Jennifer Lawrence fell over


She also fell over again (9)

John Travolta just failed in every sense of the word (10)

Adele (the real Adele) accepted an Oscar and reacted just as we imagined


Eddie Redmayne won an award and couldn’t even deal with it, just couldn’t deal


And Sandra Bullock just found opening an envelope too much


And Cate Blanchett called out how obvious it is to have women in roles equal to men in film


Benedict Cumberbatch drinking his sorrows away while feigning grumpiness (12)

When Lupita was so overwhelmed by her win she just couldn’t hold it in


And this happened, we were confused but yep, it definitely happened (13)



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