The Pros & Cons Of Dating An Alpha Lesbian


Confidence is hot, like, ridiculously hot. As long as it does comes across as confidence and not arrogance which is notably less hot. But confidence, in the right amount is, as we said, Shane-from-the-L-Word-hot.

Not Having to Think For Yourself
If you’re more of an understated type, the relief of not having to choose for yourself can be huge. Believe it or not, for some people it’s a joy to let someone else take control, both in and out of the bedroom. If your indecisiveness sometimes gets in the way, an alpha could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Dating someone who everyone seems to swoon over is a real ego boost for yourself.

They Tend To Get You Off The Sofa
You won’t be stuck for something to do whilst seeing as alpha lesbian because alphas tend to hit the scene a lot, so if bar hopping is your thing, then so is an alpha.


If you prefer a less scene-y life, dating someone who wants to spend a significant amount of time on the scene probably isn’t the best idea.

Alphas have a reputation for keeping things casual, so don’t expect them to get serious with you for a long time, if ever.

They are usually vain, or as some put it “aware of my appearance” and to be honest, spending at least an hour waiting for your partner to get ready every time you leave the house isn’t always fun.

Confidence can sometimes become arrogance so if watching your gf check out every girl that walks past doesn’t do anything for your confidence, opt out pronto.



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