6 Little Things That Make Life Easier

Some things in life are hard, that’s a fact. Sometimes we make these hard things harder than they need to be, also a fact. Here are a few little tips for when you’re finding life a struggle

1. Put on Your Sports Bra
If you want to work out but feel really unmotivated then why not try changing into your workout gear before you give up entirely. Studies have shown that you are 70% more likely to work out once you have thrown on that sports bra and cycle shorts. It also might be an idea to schedule your workout before breakfast or lunch so you can motivate yourself via food. As long as it isn’t a big greasy Macdonalds which would defeat the purpose of working out entirely.

2. Glance Around the Train Carriage
If you’re confused about something just ask or look around at people like you. Judging from all the articles we see on “how it feels to be in your twenties/failing at life”, take a look at the comment section. There are tonnes of people like you that might be struggling with bills, jobs and relationships and sometimes just seeing other people in the same position can be comforting. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice on things, no matter how embarrassing it might seem, chances are, somebody else was wondering the same thing.

3. DO Buy the Jacket
Do treat yourself to that jacket you saw online. Let’s face it, you can pretty much return most things you buy in store/online anyway so worst comes the worst you can just return it or trade it for something you like more. Sometimes we see something online that we aren’t sure about online and miss out on a great deal or piece of clothing that sells out quickly.

4. Treat Yourself
If you’re feeling down and can’t quite place why, treat yourself to a pamper session. It doesn’t have to be a full girlfriend manicure or bundles of pink everything. Treat yourself to a karma bath bomb from Lush, fish out your best candles and that relaxing playlist and perhaps that nicer bottle of wine you keep waiting for an occasion to drink to and chill out for the evening. You still might not know what’s causing you to be a little down in the dumps but you will feel a little less gloomy at least.

5. Sleep On It
Yeah we reckon you have heard that phrase before but people seldom seem to actually listen to it. Sleep basically cures/helps everything and sometimes we think everything in life is a race. If you can’t make your mind up about a serious decision, take your time and sleep on it before you make your mind up. Sometimes a good night’s sleep can help clarify things.

6. Give Yourself a Break
If ever you feel useless, think about how you would talk to your friends. We have mentioned this in a post before but sometimes we have bad habits of being really critical of ourselves, which is understandable, given some of the high demands placed on us by others or society. Talk to yourself how you talk to others, with honesty but respect and good intentions.



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