How to keep the spark alive

Ah the spark. Films like to portray it as effortlessly everlasting. It should be obvious by now that some effort is required. After all, your girlfriend is a human, not a virtual tamagotchi pet. These are our suggestions on how to keep it alive. 

Maintain some distance. Being with someone 24/7 reminds us of that phrase “burning the candle too brightly at both ends makes it go out quicker.” Spending all your time with one person means that you grow so used to them that all mystique flies out the window. If you keep some distance between you it will mean more when you do reunite after being away from each other.

Don’t sacrifice things you love because your partner might dislikes them. You play playstation games, she doesn’t. She loves art house cinema, you don’t. Giving up everything you both love for fear of disappointing your partner is a surefire way to eventually resent them. Celebrate your differences, as long as they don’t dominate the relationship it’s good to keep a sense of self.

Try new things. Perhaps you’re in the habit of going to the same restaurant for date night. Why not make a pact to regularly try something neither of you have thought to do before? It doesn’t have to be skydiving, but changing up the routine to do something funny and silly can really help bring you together.

Choose sentiment over expense. We are by no means suggesting you become a cheapskate but let’s say you were planning on going out for dinner on a Friday as per usual? Let’s swap that for making breakfast together on Saturday morning with that new cookbook you just bought. Make that sexy food fight a reality finally. Doing that in a restaurant will end in being kicked out and your partner might not love you for it.

Leave little notes or gifts for your partner from time to time. Whether it’s spelling out a funny message with those fridge magnets you have or leaving a post-it on the bathroom door, this is just another way to remind them you still think about them and appreciate them.

Plan little getaway weekends. Some couples prefer to save their pennies for one or two big holidays a year but we always think it’s nice to break up the working year with a few cheap and creative weekends away. The stress of the everyday can be a huge weight on relationships so planning breaks, no matter how close to home or cheap they might be, really helps take the pressure off.



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