I’m Attracted To My Best Friend

I need your help. I am so attracted to my best friend of 20 years. I think she is a goddess I tell her all the time. She is smart, witty, educated and has an ass like JLo. We have “been” together once. But I want it again. I can’t stop thinking about it. She is so sexy. I have been with another woman besides her but she by far was the best – it’s more than just the “sex.”

We are both married. I am not trying to destroy either of our families or what we have. I just want to “be with her” again. She is so hot and she turns me on, but I don’t want to mess up our friendship. Do I tell her like bluntly or just be thankful I have a friend. Is this wrong?!

Auntie W replies:

My Dearest,

Let Auntie W tell it to you straight – if she’s smart, witty, educated and has an ass like JLo, you are in trouble.
It’s no wonder you can’t get your minx of a mate out of your mind with stats like that, darling.  And, all combined with a best friendship of 20 years and night of passion? You are correct – it is more than just the sex.

That said, I guarantee one thing – you will further alter your relationship if you continue to pursue a romantic and sexual connection with your friend. (After all, that’s how you wound up in this pickle in the first place, hm?)

At best, perhaps the two of you could carry on an exciting, nerve-wracking, love-filled, deceitful, will our husbands find out kind of affair – for a while.

At worst, either by carrying on (or not), you alter your friendship (and relationship) beyond repair. In truth, the alteration likely lies somewhere in the middle – but sex between two people who already love one another does indeed change everything.

One side note – if you do fall madly in love with one another (and perhaps this has already happened to some degree…), you’ll have to ‘fess up to your families and that will, indeed, alter your family structures.

Unless, of course, your husbands are willing to be swingers…

At any rate, do rest assured that nothing is wrong with how you feel about your JLo – but do think about what you’d actually like as an ultimate outcome before you approach your mate again with all of your lusty thoughts.

Otherwise, as they say – it’s just wanking off.

Love Always,

Your Auntie W

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  1. HRH

    Sound the alarm: Sorry Queer Christian advice coming up —-gurl you both have a covenant now with your husbands which you must fulfil . Truly sweetheart as in all the cases of loves grown between our queerer sex it should have been fulfilled before you all went separate ways to make covenants albeit with heteros. I pray that God will make a way for you without you all breaking your marital covenants that you have going. My advice leave it well alone until you have fulfilled these covenants that you have going with hetero hubbies

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